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Gotham Magazine - The Dating Game
Looking for love? Some of the city's most exclusive matchmakers talk about the do's and don'ts of finding The One.

September 2007

FEES $10,000 for three introductions.
TYPICAL CLIENTS Men and women: "Our men are extraordinarily powerful and confident. They're CEOs and senior executives, 40 years old and up. Our women are about 30 and up, very capable and successful, working in fashion, publishing, law, and the art world."
FINDING THE RIGHT PERSON FOR THE CLIENT "They're people we know through our social network, political fundraisers, the Harvard Club, and charity boards. We also do dinner parties with couples and single people together, and we might sit you next to a fantastic person we think you should meet."
BEST ADVICE FOR SINGLES "If it's not working, change something - a small adjustment can have a huge positive effect. See if you're unconsciously repeating a pattern; ask yourself 'Am I doing it again?'"
BEST WAY TO BREAK IT OFF WITH SOMEONE "By telling someone and then just letting it go. Honesty is important."
MOST OUTRAGEOUS CLIENT OR REQUEST "One female client who had very particular requests called us after one date and said, 'I told you: no facial hair!' We said, 'Honey, if you like each other, he could shave it.'"
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