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Matchmakers for upscale time starved individuals. Let us be your personal headhunter.

Jennifer Heller and Susan Rose

Rose & Heller is the only truly comprehensive matchmaking service in the New York area. We draw our clients from an unsurpassed social network including New York's most prestigious charity boards, private clubs, university clubs, private schools, and philanthropic organizations. We have over 40 years of combined experience living in these circles. There is no other service today with these credentials. Our highly personalized approach enables us to understand your uniqueness and essence so we can find the right partner for you.

Testimonials for Rose and Heller, Inc.
"I've now met someone who's life was parallel to mine for years, but we had just never crossed paths. If not for Susan and Jennifer I never would have met her. Thanks!"

"They are not typical matchmakers, most people they work with are referred by someone they know. My personal network of blind dates has dried up as my friends get married, and I simply don't have time to go "out there". They helped reload my network and did it with grace, caring and sophistication."

"They listened to me and asked intuitive questions, but I wasn't sure the right guy even existed for me. They took the pressure off by having a dinner party with some married people and some singles and there he was - they'd found a really special man, and now we are dating. These two are really good!"

"Their questions brought out things I didn't know about myself. They don't just ask surface things like job, salary, etc...They are really interested in getting to know you and include you in their circle of friends."

"They made me realize that what I thought I wanted and what I really want are two different things."

"They spent a lot of time with me, really reading between the lines about what I needed."

"I was a bit embarrassed thinking 'I'm not the type who needs a matchmaker'. But after I met with them I realized they simply provide just what I need with my busy schedule - an extended network of appropriate people for me that I haven't been able to find anywhere else."
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