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Our Services
The Rose & Heller Method© entails an in-depth survey that provides us an understanding of your essence, like a window into your life - not just a surface listing of your interests and hobbies. Our commitment to you:
  • We will put tremendous effort into understanding you and your unique qualities
  • We are sensitive to the needs of each individual and will tailor our services/approach to you
  • We are exclusive and will only work with people we feel we can help

The pricing depends on the level of services an individual needs. An example of a BASIC LEVEL package entails:

  • In-depth assessment meeting with both partners including the Rose & Heller Method© survey
  • 3 quality hand-selected introductions
  • Highly personalized discussions to identify unique needs
  • A Rose & Heller partner available for discussions and support as needed
  • Coaching including identifying strengths and helping you build on them
  • Identification of certain pitfalls and how to fix them in the future
  • Feedback on your likes/dislikes on introductions through the process

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